Best Car Dealership In Oshkosh – Appleton – Fond du Lac Area

Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Oshkosh Best Dealership AwardMany dealers claim to be the best. High volume, “cleanest” cars prettiest building, and best guest service have all been mentioned in these claims. Since “best” can really only be seriously considered when backed up by facts, we have take all of the above mentioned in to account when tabulating our result. Our winner does not have the most cars in the area, though for being a new store (new store definitely helps our prettiest building score) they certainly have a good mix of new and pre-owned inventory (currently home to almost 200 new and pre-owned). Our dealer has increased sales for this franchise in its own city over last year.

Possibly most important of all, whether in for service work, body work or to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle this dealerships satisfaction rating has remained at nearly a perfect ten rating since opening it’s doors. Our “Best Car Dealership” winner? Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Of Oshkosh. Bergstrom Automotive as a whole, scores very highly in each of these categories regardless of location however we have found this particular dealership to have a comfortable edge when it comes to downright stand up classy businesses. As a full service dealer, Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can repair or replace your vehicle all while making you feel like you belong. Its location, close to Fond du Lac and Appleton Wisconsin but away from the hustle and bustle of highway 41 is a nice change of pace if you want to find a dealership that can somehow leave you feeling like you have lowered your blood pressure.

Bergstrom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Oshkosh is located at 3650 Jackson Street in Oshkosh WI. Just a few miles from Appleton or Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Stop in to see the area’s finest in action.

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